The Plan

Our plan is like this :

Making a Sustainable villa park with 10 villa’s to rent out to new tourists all over the world
These villa’s will be build on a property of 10.000 m2 with sustainable products like recycled plastic, bamboo and rooftops of grass
Within that property there will be a 500m2 swimmingpool with a huge glide
In the park there will be internet all around thru WiFi
There will be solar panels that will provide the whole park of power
Every house has their own pricacy
A nice view of the Mayon vulcano from your house
Peace and quiet at night
In 5 min in Ligao City with Jeepney, tricycle or bike

We want a participation of the local people
The local people can invest in this economic project to earn money on a yearly base
The investment starts at 3000 pesos up to 1.000.000,- pesos with a 2 year contract
After 2 years they can sell their contract with profit or “loss”, depends on the economy and no covid-19
But the economic is rising, european people want to go on a vacation after being locked up in their homes during the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021

They will have a say about how the park will be runned
Decisions will be made through owners meetings and democracy

If there is raised 65% of the total amount we will start creating Park Mayon
There will be work for approx 50 local people who will build the total project
This means that the locals are involved with a beautiful project in their own BRGY and the beautiful City of Ligao

  1. Buy 10.000 sqm land on high ground with palm trees
  2. Make the land building ready
  3. Installing elektra, water and sewer
  4. Build a family swimming pool of 500 sqm
  5. Installing a family water slide
  6. Build 10 pole fundations 120 sqm and 80cm from the ground
  7. Making the houses / bungalows hurricane proof
  8. re-organize the land with flora and fauna
  9. Build a main road of asfalt
  10. Build a fence around the park and solarpanels
  11. Build a main HQ 150 sqm
  12. Finishing 10 family houses 240 sqm livingspace bungalow / Kubo’s hurricane proof


We want to be a partner of because we find it very important and our duty to watch out for our only planet EARTH
So we will recycle all kind of materials to save the environment


Approximately 80 / 100.000.000,- pesos = € 1.700.000,- euro
(with a MAX of 125.000.000,- pesos)


Total time needed to build Park Mayon is approximately 18 months
(with a MAX of 24 months)

All photo’s are examples!!
Our total plan will be ready in Q4 2022 and can be downloaded here!